Skills, we all have them. You may be really good at cooking, or meeting new people. For your hero to be a capable, fully-functioning individual, they'll need a few skills.

Alchemy allows you to pick a maximum of 5 skills that you can use on and off the battlefield. Picking these skills makes your hero a proficient user of them, and unlocks several standard actions for your character to perform, but in the spirit of TaRPGs, you are encouraged to create your own actions to perform throughout the course of your adventure (if your QM allows it!).

Skills are picked in the hero creation stage and may be picked according to your classification or by using the attribute points gained when you generated your attribute points.

For a list of skills, follow the link: Skills Encyclopedia.

For more information on how to create your own skills, follow the link: Homebrew: Skills.

Once your skills are picked, you'll need to create or choose a flair for each: Flairs Generation.