Now it's time to generate your detection stats, continue to use the method you've previously used.

Base: 1 & 5 (choose which stat will have which base)

Quicksilver Method Edit

Rolls per stat: 3

The first two die add to the base number, the final subtracts from the total. Add the final total to the active detection stat and repeat.

Gold Method Edit

Budget: 5

Lower Score Limit: 0

Upper Score Limit: N/A

NOTE: A zero in either detection statistic make you 'oblivious'. If you must make an active or passive detection roll, you must first roll two Destiny die. The first will add to the total, the second will subtract. If the result is positive, you may make a detection roll with the result acting as your score. If the result is negative, you cannot make a situation roll for detection.

Next up, Chance Generation.