There are two ways to complete each part of your hero sheet: the Quicksilver method or the gold method.

The Quicksilver Method means you roll for your attributes, defenses, endurances, detections, chances. The Gold method means you have a set budget for your hero, and a score limit for each statistic. Rolling adds an aspect of luck and risk, while Buying allows you to tailor your hero to your liking or to suit your adventure.

Base: 10

Quicksilver Method Edit

Rolls per stat: 1

Roll a Destiny Die, add this to Dexterity. Roll another DD, add this to Intelligence and so on. Roll 6 times and add these to the Base 10 for each attribute.

Gold Method Edit

Budget: 20

Lower Score Limit: 8

Upper Score Limit: 17

Pretty straightforward, Each +1 to an attribute costs 1. You may also sell points from your base to add +1 to your attribute budget, upto the lower score limit.

Attribute Points Edit

With each even number, you gain (or lose) 1 Attribute Point. Attribute Points (or AP), can be used to modify your character further.

Here is an explanation.

8: -1 AP

10: 0 AP

12: 1 AP

14: 2 AP

Make a note of your AP, as these will be used once you have completed the Hero Creation process and chosen your Classifications.

Next up, Defense Generation.